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Russian submarines frequent United Kingdom’s coast.

Image Credit: The Daily Telegraph

According to Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, Russian submarines are stalking UK coast as he admitted that Russia is considered as UK’s number one threat last week.

We saw a Russian submarine in the Irish Sea, which I don’t think we have seen for a very very long time.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace

Recently, a Russian boat was spotted in the Irish Sea as the Defense Secretary believes that Russia are targeting the UK.

The Defense Secretary also said that Russia have been and are carrying a number of operations in UK seas posing a security threat to the UK.

We’re regularly visited by nosy Russian ships, and we are regularly visited now by a number of Russian warships.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.

At the end of last year, nine Russian military vessels were spotted around the UK, most likely as a result of being blamed for Novichok poisoning which escalated tensions between the two countries. According to UK Russia’s elite order the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury in March 2018. These events caused a abrupt escalation between the two countries as United Kingdom considered Russia’s murder in Salisbury of grave concern to UK’s security.

We have tried de-escalation, we have tried methods, but at the moment until Russia changes its attitude, it’s quite hard to see where we’re going to go. This is a country that killed someone in Salisbury.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.

Russia is also constantly sending its bomber planes to UK skies, promptings the air force to scramble its fighter jets to intercept the Russian bombers.


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