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Meth lab explosion in an apartment in Willimantic, Connecticut, USA.

Image Credit: NBC Connecticut

On Monday, ‘560 on Main’ apartment building in Willimantic, Connecticut, USA, was completely evacuated at noon after a meth lab explosion that caused a fire in the building. When residents were interviewed they said that they could see the smoke coming and tried to get some belongings before they ran out from their apartment in the hopes that they would have saved something if the fire was to grow and engulf the whole building. They said that never knew there was a meth lab in the apartment building. One resident also said that he heard a pipe explosion and all of a sudden the 6th floor of the building was engulfed by thick smoke.

At 11.15am the firefighters arrived at the scene. Luckily, the fire was extinguished and residents were able to return to the apartment building after 7 hours. Police also arrived soon after the firefighters and started their investigation. They required the use of hazmat suits. Police DEEP and State narcotics are working together in the investigation to determine the exact cause of the explosion.

The chemicals from the methlab were seized and police managed to identify the suspect. They believe that it is an isolated incident.

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