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Iran said that it thwarted a sabotage on its nuclear facility.

Image Credit: IRIB/AP

Iranian authorities announced that they managed to thwart a sabotage attack on their nuclear facility. No information was given on this matter. One of Iran’s nuclear facility, the Bushehr plant, conducted an emergency shutdown three days ago, without giving any information as to why they did.

Local news revealed that the attack was foiled before any damage to the nuclear facility could be done. An Iranian official who wished to remain anonymous mentioned that there is no information as to how the attack was done, and that the case is under investigation.

According to Iran’s semi-official ISNA news agency, the nuclear facility targeted was Karaj Nuclear Centre for Medicine and Agriculture. It is located in a heavy industrialized area, with a lot of pharmaceutical companies and also production facilities where the coronavirus vaccine was produced.

This comes after a series of attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities, which were blamed on Israel. Last April, the Natanz nuclear reactor, was cyberattacked, resulting in a blackout that damaged thousands of centrifuges. The sabotage comes at a time when Iran’s nuclear programme seems to gather pace, while diplomatic efforts to resurrect the 2015 Iran’s nuclear deal is underway.

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