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China carries out a high-altitude military drill in Tibet.

Image Credit: Scmp

On Thursday, the Chinese Defense Ministry announced that they carried out a high-altitude military drill in Tibet, amid military confrontations between India and China at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh.

Organized by the Tibet Military Region, the training involved the cooperation between different types of troops in the region to simulated battle situations. The exercise involved ground assault forces as well as PLA’s aviation unit, which used attack helicopters. They carried out comprehensive operations by sniper and combat teams, rescue and field repair.

The training seem to have been focused on three aspects; training with science and technology, actual combat training and training in accordance to the traits needed to fight in high altitudes.

The exact location of the training was not disclosed, but it is believed to have been held at an altitude of over 3,700m. The Tibet Military Region which forms part of PLA’s Western Theatre Command (WTC) is considered to be China’s largest command and is responsible for the disputed border with India.

So far, China carried out around 100 tactical exercises this year according to the Chinese Defense Ministry. This helped for a significant increase in the ammunition. These drills are in accordance of Chinese President Xi Jinping wishes, for China to be ready for war at any moment.

President Xi Jingping said earlier this year the PLA troops must be ready ‘to act at any second’.

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