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Tornadoes devastate a town in Czech Republic.

Image Credit: Izvor Twitter

On Thursday night, a tornado followed by a thunderstorm hit South Moravia in Czech Republic leaving a trail of destruction. The regions of Breclav and Hodonin were hit. Footage surfaced online of a huge tornado moving fast through the countryside destroying anything in its path.

Several firefighters were deployed to help victims after the major damage caused by the tornado, which is a rare occurrence in Czech Republic. Another footage uploaded on Twitter showed a town completely destroyed as if it was bombed. The worst hit was the town of Hruski in the Breclav region after multiple tornadoes devastated the region. Some cars were found on top of houses and a local church was left without a roof.

Image Credit: Eric Nopest

According to the mayor of Moravska Nova Ves, the village has been completely destroyed. The tornado first reached the village of Hrustki and than it went to Moravska Nova Ves.

Then a storm came to us, the whole village was destroyed within ten minutes. They will probably be dead. There is no signal here for an hour, and after an hour the firefighters arrived.

Mayor Marek Kossuth

There have been 5 deaths and 150 injured so far. Unfortunately, the number of deaths could go higher. More details to follow.

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