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Record-breaking heatwave to hit North California and other northwest states.

Image Credit: NWS Weather Prediction Service

The current heatwave which already battered most of Northwest USA last week is expected to worsen during the weekend as NWS expects the temperature to soar beyond triple digits in North California. This is a record-breaking heatwave considered to be the region’s worst in 12 years.

The heatwave has been stressing energy grids all over West US, prompting officials to conserve energy. Advisory or excessive heat warning is in effect for more than 40 million people from the states of Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho and Montana. Recently wildfires, were spreading across Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming, and now officials have said that wildfires could increase amid the heatwave and extreme drought.

The Environment Protection Agency said that these record-breaking heatwaves in west US is a sign of climate change.

More details to follow.

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