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Miami’s condo had ‘concrete deterioration’ among other things according to inspection report.

Image Credit: Gerald Herbert, AP

A required 40-year inspection report has been received by the town of Surfside, 16 hours after the Champlain Towers collapse.

The inspection report which dates back to Oct. 8, 2018, revealed several problems in the building. In a letter to the condominium association’s treasurer revealed that a major structural damage to a concrete slab over a garage due to failed waterproofing. It specifically says in the report that if the problem is not dealt with the damage to the concrete will increase exponentially.

In the report they continue about how the major problems are in the bottom of the building. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to have been done since 2018. The report also mentions that the garage under the tower had abundant” cracking and spalling (deterioration of concrete) of the columns, beams and walls. It is not known what actually caused the abundant cracking, but it could be due to multiple things. One column had a wide crack 2 millimeters wide.

Plans to address the structural problems in the building were only started to be addressed back in April of this year. Unfortunately, it was too late. More details to follow.

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