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Russia reports 24,581 new cases.

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On Sunday, Russia reported 24,581 new cases and 401 deaths. Russian hospitals are collapsing as the high number of cases is rapidly filling up the hospitals beds. Around 80% of the beds set aside for coronavirus patients are believed to be occupied.

In the past three days, the number of new cases exceeded 24,000 every time, but according to the Russia’s Crisis centre, the average growth rate over the last four days was not above 1.2%. In hospitals, there has been reports of chaos, with bodies piling up, drugs going out of stock, and patients with no beds to be taken care of. The Russian health system is vast, but unfortunately, underfunded and the Russian authorities have acknowledged the problems that plague their healthcare system. Russian President Vladimir Putin urged regional leaders to take it seriously, as considering this chaos as normal is unacceptable.

Regardless of this, Russia reported that there will be no lock-downs or closures of businesses. The government only urged its citizens to follow the basic protocols of social distancing and mask wearing.

A nationwide lock-down back in March strained an already weakened Russian economy. This is the reason why a nationwide lock-down is now implausible in the country, but the coronavirus situation in Russia right now is much worse than it was back in March.

So far, Russia has reported 2,089,329 cases and 36,179 deaths since the pandemic began. Globally, there were 58,649,644 cases and 1,389,068 deaths since the pandemic began.

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