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Iranian vessels approaching Mediterranean Sea.

Image Credit: AP

Latest reports have revealed that the Iranian military vessels, Frigate Sahand and the afloat staging base Makran, have changed course and are heading to the Mediterranean Sea instead of Venezuela, possibly planning to sail off to Syria or else going north to Russia according to a individual speaking on condition of anonymity.

Recently, US officials believe that Iranian military vessels were heading to Venezuela for arms transfer prompting them to monitor the ships progress. Both Iran and Venezuela are under heavy sanctions by the US due to the nuclear programme of the former and on the latter for its oppression of its people. Iran sent a number of equipment and experts to the oil-rich Venezuela in an attempt to help them revive their oil industry. A few months ago Iran send the biggest fleet of oil tankers to Venezuela. In addition to this, Iran also delivers Venezuela food to stock up an Iranian supermarket and fuel. Venezuela pays back in Gold. US officials believe that Iran has also delivered as per agreement, several fast-attacking boats. Satellite images taken on May 10 revealed seven such boats on Makran’s deck.

They military vessels have changed their course a number of times, so experts believe that they can change course at any time. If they continue their course into the Mediterranean Sea, they should pass Gibraltar on July 4.

More details to follow.

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