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Leemore declares a state of emergency after a water tank explosion.

Image Credit: Fox26

On Tuesday at 12.45pm, Lemoore city officials declared a State of Emergency following a fatal explosion at a water tank the previous day. City Manager Nathan Olsen at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon discussed Monday’s fatal incident.

On Monday, a water tank explosion at well site 7, which led to the death of a 41 year-old contractor, lifted the well 70 feet above the ground while works were being done on it. As a result of the water tank explosion, the city lost power to station 7 and has no communication and have lost the ability to chlorinate city well water, but city officials said that the water is still safe to drink.

Mr.Olson said that residents should expect low water pressure and discolouration at their homes. Currently, water restrictions have been set in place. No washing of cars with hoses or watering of lawns is allowed.

Repairs will start soon, and PG&E estimate that works will take roughly a week.

More details to follow.

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