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Huge explosion at a secret Russian chemical plant.

Image Credit: east2west news

A huge explosion struck a secret chemical plant in Russia on Thursday evening killing one and injuring six more. Those injured suffered serious chemical burns and are in hospital fighting for their lives. One victim suffered 80% chemical burns, while the others suffered 100% chemical burns.

Soon after the explosion, people were seen leaving the chemical plant, some on fire. A source said:

When the fire began, people ran out, pulling their clothes off because they were burning alive.

Anonymous source.

The Kamensky chemical plant was named as the one were the accident occurred. The chemical plant works for the Russian Defense Industry, and is believed to have links with the company NPO Splav, which produces multiple launch rocket systems such as Grad, Smerch, and Uragan. The explosion was reported at around 8pm on Thursday, and firefighters and ambulances were quickly deployed to the scene.

Since the explosion occurred at a secret chemical plant, there were attempts to halt the news of the accident from spreading. It is most likely classified as a major military accident. More details to follow.

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