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Deaths increase after more bodies recovered from collapsed Miami building.

Image Credit: AP

The total of death has risen to nine, as more people have been found under the rubble of the partially collapsed Champlain Towers South. The number of death is still expected to rise as there is stil 150 unaccounted for.

The Champlain Towers partially collapsed last Thursday, putting hundreds of people under the rubble. Its collapse was due to several failures in fixing serious structural problems, most notably, concrete deterioration. These problems were known before the building collapsed, as the 2018 inspection report of the building revealed. The partial collapse of the Champlain Towers South has left many people in the surrounding blocks especially from Champlain Towers North nervous. The Champlain Towers North and South were built just one year apart using the same design and by the same builders. They were not told to evacuate their building.

Israeli and Mexican experts have arrived in the scene to help the search and rescue effort, aided by dogs, infrared scanning and drones. There is hope that there is still people alive that might have been able to survive in air pockets that have formed in the debris.

Last Saturday, it was revealed that efforts to to retrieve survivors was being hampered due to a fire from within the building, but luckily by Sunday the fire was extinguished.

More details to follow.

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