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Category: Pandemic

New Zealand reports 4 new cases.

Image Credit: AP On Monday, New Zealand reported four coronavirus cases. All of the cases were in managed isolation before the test. The Ministry of Health said that one of […]

South Korea reports 124 new cases.

Image Credit: AP On Sunday, South Korea reported 124 new cases and two deaths. The daily number of new cases has surged beyond 100 for the fifth consecutive day due […]

Saudi Arabia reports 402 new cases.

Image Credit: AFP On Saturday, Saudi Arabia reported 402 new coronavirus cases and 19 deaths. It is slightly higher than the previous day, when 398 cases were detected. The Ministry […]

Czech Republic reports 13,605 cases.

Image Credit: Michal Cizek/AFP On Saturday, Czech Republic reported 13,605 cases and 216 deaths, making it one of the worst hit country in Europe. On Friday, Czech Republic extended its […]

Russia reports 18,140 cases.

Image Credit: Taisiya Vorontsova/ TASS On Saturday, Russia reported 18,140 new cases and 334 deaths, of which, 4,952 were found in Moscow. Russia is one of the worst hit countries, […]

Singapore reports only 9 new cases.

Image Credit: ONG WEE JIN On Friday, Singapore reported nine new cases of COVID-19. Of the nine cases, one was a community case, another was an infection in a dormitory, […]

Russia reports a new record of cases.

Image Credit: Maxim Shemetov/ Reuters On Friday, Russia reported 18,283 cases, a new daily record for the second consecutive day. It is the first time that the daily number of […]